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“Time Out of Joint: Teaching Shakespeare in Prison” – an excerpt from the upcoming feature-length documentary

“Time Out of Joint: Teaching Shakespeare in Prison” will be a 90 minute documentary about teaching Shakespeare in prison.  This is a film of a workshop at Woodbourne Correctional Facility (NY State) administered and made possible by Rehabilitation Through the Arts, and co-taught by educators Josie Whittlesey and Steve Rowland.   The workshop brought 3 films from the historic “Globe to Globe Festival” into Woodbourne and there were a series of wonderful discussions about their meaning.  Who owns Shakespeare?  Who are these plays for?  Do they speak in any meaningful ways to people who live on the margins of our society? Do they speak to people of color in the United States?  Around the world?  The brilliance of these remarkable men, and stories of their journeys might surprise you.


RTA Prisoner-Participant Kwame McLean- Macbeth

Kwame McLean: I definitely say Shakespeare speaks to all humanity because of the characters. Like for instance, Duncan, he


Actor/Prisoner Lamont Bryant on Performing Macbeth in Green Haven Correctional Facility

Lamont Bryant, Inmate, Green Haven Correctional Facility

00:05:13 LB: Last night was [slight cough] – I remember them coming in and their viewing the play, because this is the first actual Shakespearean production inside of