A Lost Shakespeare Play Grows in Brooklyn: ‘Double Falsehood’ Comes to New York City

Jed Ryan for Huffington Post, 16 March 2016

At the opening night of Letter of Marque Theater Company’s Double Falsehood at The Irondale Center in Brooklyn, one of the creative minds behind the show was overheard telling an attendee, “This show isn’t like Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet, where the audience at least knows the story. Most people don’t know anything about this play! It’s a risk.” While Double Falsehood may have been first produced in 1727, the themes of morality, sexual ethics, and equality (in regard to both gender and class) which were explored centuries ago remain as relevant as ever in 2016. As directed by Andrew Borthwick-Leslie, this new production features moments of laugh-inducing comedy alongside provocative tragedy, all performed by an energetic and talented cast. The end result is a play which, despite being over 300 years old, hasn’t lost its ability to both entertain as well as to bring out some timeless emotions. 

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