Can Shakespeare Heal? One Director’s Quest to Help Treat PTSD

By Madaline Donnelly for The Daily Signal, 7 September 2015

Before he met Jaclyn McLoughlin, combat veteran Androcles Scicluna passed most days focused on survival, picking abandoned bottles and milk cartons out of trash cans and curling up in whatever public dry spot he could find to sleep at night.

“I had to leave [the armed forces] for medical reasons, and after that, you know, everything was bad,” said Scicluna, who served with the British army. “Being used to army life, and suddenly coming to civilian life, it wasn’t easy for me.”

“It wasn’t any good life,” he added. “I mean, I had already experienced death … I just stayed on my own, kind of in hibernation.”

According to Scicluna, today an open, friendly, and downright jolly man originally from Malta, all of that changed in 2011, when he was approached by a government affairs officer who pointed him in the direction of Jaclyn McLoughlin, who goes by Jackie, and her burgeoning theater group, the Combat Veteran Players.

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