Review: Bare Theatre’s imperfect but promising all-female production of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus

By Byron Woods for Indy Week, 11 November 2015

The questions are rarely pursued in regional theater and our culture at large: What are the limits to a woman’s anger? In what ways might a women-only culture function—or not function? And how would a women’s theater company explore these and similar questions on stage?

Bare Theatre’s all-female production of Titus Andronicus, one of Shakespeare’s goriest dramas, provides us with only partial answers, marred in places by clear miscalculations. But one conclusion is obvious: This group should not disband after its last show next weekend.

Far too rarely have we seen similar enterprises. Jules Odendahl-James brought her small feminist company Bold Maids with her when she moved to the area in 1997, the same year Cheryl Chamblee and Tamara Kissane began Both Hands Theatre Company as a two-woman troupe. Actor Mary Rowland once played a memorable Hamlet at Theatre in the Park.

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