Shakespeare and zombies get together for William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead

By Jen Banowetz for the Naperville Sun, 10 June 2015

While Shakespeare did pen characters like witches, wood sprites and ghosts, what would one of his plays be like if he included zombies?

Find out when Summer Place Theatre presents “William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead” June 12 to 21 at the Naperville Central High School auditorium. Written by John Heimbuch, this stage romp is a mashup of the The Bard and the undead.

“It’s a very funny backstage comedy that happens to be interrupted a few times by zombies,” said Director Randy Knott. “Why Shakespeare and zombies? Why not? Seriously though, the zombies, while part of the show, are not the real crux of what happens on stage. Sure, they create all kinds of bedlam, and they drive the action, but the show is so much more.”

“William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead” is a zany account of the 1599 zombie plague in London.


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