Shakespeare Comes to Hulu with ‘Complete Works’

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Marina Watts, The Daily Beast

June 11, 2014


Inside the comedy webseries ‘Complete Works.’

Just because some people think iambic pentameter is a nightmare doesn’t mean that Shakespeare is all bad. Just watch the Hulu series Complete Works, which premiered on the Bard’s 450th birthday in April.

The comedy miniseries produced, directed by, and starring Joe Sofranko is inspired by the National Shakespeare Competition. (Sofranko won ten years ago.)

Complete Works is about Hal, a naive Shakespeare enthusiast who gets more than he bargained for when he is selected to participate in the American Shakespeare Competition. Unfortunately, his cheerful disposition only gets him so far. Everyone else is better prepared than he is for the reality of how difficult the competition really is.

The quirky web series is five 30-minute episodes long. Complete Works shows modern audiences that the Bard is still appealing. Sofranko chatted with The Daily Beast about his indie project, Shakespeare’s modern relevancy, and, of course, fangirled over Kenneth Branagh.

When you were first introduced to Shakespeare, what was that like for you?

Performing Shakespeare would be when I was in seventh grade cast as Bottom inA Midsummer Night’s Dream.  I just had a blast.  I owe major credit to my theatre teacher; if it wasn’t for him, it may have been just boring or confusing.  But he made it fun and funny.  I remember having so much fun doing thePyramus and Thisbe play. [...continued]



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