Shakespeare — Shaken and Stirred in Jamaica

South Florida Caribbean News, 14 September 2015

All the world is indeed Shakespeare’s stage.

From London, to New York, to Cape Town, sultry summer afternoons find entranced audiences in parks, along lake fronts and in theatres, feasting on performances from some of this century’s most proclaimed actors.

In New York, “Shakespeare in the Park” has been a staple in the summer theatre diet since 1956, and patrons line up for hours before performances for their tickets.

And, in Shakespeare’s homeland, a variety of companies and theatres hold Shakespearean Festivals, chief among them the reconstructed Globe Theatre in Southeast London; and Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace.

In Jamaica, theatre is a vibrant, growing industry, in which writers, producers and actors are being nurtured, and performances promoted to provide a welcome source of entertainment.

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