Shakespeare Central hopes to address some voids in the world of Shakespeare, bringing audiences and theaters closer together, publishing exciting news in the world of Shakespeare, and providing a central hub for Shakespeare media, helping teachers share videos, films, interviews and more with students all over the world.

Welcome to Shakespeare Central:

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The Vision of Shakespeare Central


Shakespeare Central’s Event section is one of our more important areas, and one we expect to receive a great deal of traffic. Think about it, right now there is no one place any of us can go to in order to get up to date information on what plays are being performed, and where. For instance, let’s say you were taking a trip to New York City or London – and you’d like to see a Shakespeare play or two on your trip. But what if you don’t know what theaters normally do Shakespeare? Or what if you are looking for a smaller, off-Broadway type of experience? How would you look?

The Shakespeare Central Event pages will solve this. We are just getting started and wont’ have all the theaters represented right away –but we will continue to grow. You can search by region, country, city, or specific theaters. What we have up now is still a work in progress – but give it a spin – you’ll surely see the potential. And we’ll give you background on the Theaters, on actors and directors – trailers of new shows – and direct connections to each theater’s box office so you can easily connect and buy advance tickets.

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Media Hub.

The Shakespeare Central Media Hub will provide a way for people all over to access and view all kinds of Shakespeare related media. Included will be: Full Length feature films, full length videos of live theater performances, interviews, (contemporary and historic) lectures, excerpts of plays, trailers, behind the scenes visits to some of the world’s great theaters, and much more. Eventually, the Media Hub will have thousands of videos, highly organized and easily searched. And it will have a great deal of free content, as well as low-cost copyrighted content – including feature films and exciting new videos of great performances from some of the world’s great theaters. We are starting with a small library of interviews conducted by Steve Rowland – searchable by theme – and including scholars, directors, actors, teachers and even prisoners, all talking about their love of and involvement with Shakespeare.

Actor John Douglas Thompson
Race and Relevance

Professor Kevin Quarmby
on teaching Shakespeare

RTA Prisoner-Participant Kwame McLean
Message to Young People

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Shakespeare is for everyone

The Shakespeare Central Times

This will be our on-line ‘newspaper’. Want to know the latest news on the discovery of Richard III’s bones? Want to read or watch an interview with Denzel Washington or Ethan Hawke about taking on a new Shakespeare role? Want to be introduced to an African American actor some people consider to be the best Shakespearean of our generation? Want to read an interview with a writer from the South Sudan who has translated Shakespeare into Juba Arabic? Read a blog about the upcoming world tour of Shakespeare’s Globe production of Hamlet? What’s coming up at The Folger Library or the Oregon Shakespeare Festival? This is the place, for that, and more – updates on upcoming performances, lectures, world tours.

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For teachers: tips, advice, ask questions, share anecdotes For actors: meet and greet, share ideas, approaches to characters and more For students: want to meet students in other cities? In other countries reading the same play you are working on? Want to get an idea how arranged marriages like those in Romeo and Juliet or A Midsummer Night’s Dream are viewed in other countries? This would be a good place to meet others, develop ‘pen-pals’ and explore the world.

Test drive the forum and provide your feedback on Shakespeare Central

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Survey For Teachers

Shakespeare Central will grow into a strong resource for educators and students. Our current media page has dozens of terrific short interview clips on a variety of topics — Shakespeare in Prison, teaching Shakespeare, my first experience with Shakespeare, Shakespeare’s women - — and more. As we grow, we will put particular emphasis on Media - making available full length films and full length productions from some of the world’s best theaters - including the Globe, and others like The Stratford, Ontario Shakespeare Festival, The Royal Shakespeare Company, the BBC library and more. Please help us understand your needs by taking our 10 minute teachers' survey.

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We want your feedback. Help us make Shakespeare Central serve you and become a hub that will help you understand, learn, teach, share, and love Shakespeare… even just a little bit more.

If you are interested in contributing ideas or articles, please send an email.

If you are a major donor who wants to help Shakespeare Central become a global resource for multi-cultural education, please write or call.

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About the Founders



Thanks to:  Founding SC Board Members and Most Esteemed Advisors :

Dominic Dromgoole, Shakespeare’s Globe; Bill Rauch, The Oregon Shakespeare Festival;

And to: Arin Arbus, Theater for a New Audience; Richard Nichols, of The Roots; Professor Jim Shapiro, Columbia Univ; Professor Sheila Cavanagh, Emory Univ; Professor Kevin Quarmby, Emory Univ; Professor David Chambers, Yale Univ; Tom Yellin & Kayce Jennings, The Documentary Group; Spencer Weisbroth, Esq; Ruth Hunter, Everett High School; Susan Patella, University Prep Middle School; Katie Koch, CPA; Katherine Vockins & Ricki Gold, Rehabilitation Through the Arts; Kyle Wilson, Marty Khan, Esther & Lewis Rowland, Joy Rosenthal, Daniel Blank, Zack Avshalomov, Cameron Rowland, Harold E. Smith, Sharon Lee, Josie Whittlesey, Ken Docekal, Tuyen Kim Than, Sarah Durbin, Manny Boras, Robert Miller, Tim Gunn, Marvin Bey Lewis, Timmy Walker, Jeconia ‘Casper’ Vinson, Kwame McLean and the prison study groups at Woodbourne Correctional Facility and Monroe Correctional Complex; and many others who have donated time and ideas to help us shape this project.

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