The Shakespeare Central Media Hub

Educator Line Marshall on using SC Media Hub  

The Shakespeare Central Media Hub will provide a way for people all over to access and view all kinds of Shakespeare related media. Included will be: Full-length feature films, full-length videos of live theater performances, interviews, (contemporary and historic) lectures, excerpts of plays, trailers, behind the scenes visits to some of the world’s great theaters, and much more. Eventually, the Media Hub will have thousands of videos, highly organized and easily searched. And it will have a great deal of free content, as well as low-cost copyrighted content – including feature films and exciting new videos of great performances from some of the world’s great theaters. We are starting with a small library of interviews conducted by Steve Rowland – searchable by theme – and including scholars, directors, actors, teachers and even prisoners, all talking about their love of and involvement with Shakespeare.


“Time Out of Joint: Teaching Shakespeare in Prison”  –  a 9-minute excerpt from the upcoming feature-length documentary “Time Out of Joint: Teaching Shakespeare in Prison”.  (Produced by Steve Rowland, Edited by Jason Hirata.  With support from Rehabilitation Through the Arts, Josie Whittlesey and The Dram Club NYC – and of course, the amazing men in this workshop.)


Actor John Douglas Thompson
Teaching Shakespeare

Theater Director Arin Arbus, Theater for a New Audience, NYC
Teaching Shakespeare in Prison

Director of Education Robert Young, The Folger Shakespeare Library
Teaching Shakespeare & Language

English Teacher Line Marshall, Columbia High School, Maplewood, NJ
Teaching Shakespeare – Iambic Pentameter

Actor Ben Carlson, Stratford Ontario Shakespeare Festival
Shakespeare’s Relevance & Importance