RTA Prisoner-Participant Kwame McLean- Macbeth

Kwame McLean: I definitely say Shakespeare speaks to all humanity because of the characters. Like for instance, Duncan, he signifies righteousness. You know? And if you see how the whole play of Macbeth unfolds, Duncan is the first guy actually killed, after the battlefield. And most people in the world, they kill righteousness. You know? That’s signifying the good guy, the guy that trusts his people, and things of that nature. So to me, Shakespeare in itself, it encompasses, basically, the whole of humanity, the whole of life, and it covers that in a whole – through all his different characters. You know?

And Macbeth – to me, Macbeth, he seems, as a character that has all these different faulting ambitions that he wants to carry off in life and he has to kill that righteousness early in order to accomplish these vaulting ambitions. So I’m killed early and then eventually he kills his best friend, and as it continues – and the story can be played again and as a symbol of signifying righteousness, as being Macbeth being one character and all the other characters being aspects of himself.

Or you could see it as just the whole humanity as a country, and the different things that take place.

RTA Prisoner-Participant Kwame McLean- Macbeth from CultureWorks on Vimeo.

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